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Eve's Story

In 2018, over 14,000 women responded to a survey about their hormones, sharing insights about their health.

The picture that this survey painted is one that highlights a real and present issue with hormone health and how it impacts our minds and our bodies.

A whopping 87% of those surveyed reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalance on a regular basis. This means that most women often don’t feel like themselves. We decided that’s just not good enough.

So, with the backing of scientists and a kick-ass research team, Eve was born to both provide women with insight into their health, and help them address concerns that arise with our new range of nutritional support products.

Over the years, our eager audience has turned into a smart, vibrant, and engaged community who learn more about their health from Eve while at the same time, help us understand the health of New Zealand women.

For people throughout New Zealand and beyond, Eve provides support, knowledge, and our shared learnings to those of us wanting to understand aspects of wellbeing, and how our hormone picture is a cornerstone of our health.