Medical Herbalist | Naturopath | Herbal Dispensary

Marshall's Health are proud to have our very own practitioners available for consultations.


Leanne Farrar

Practicing as a Medical Herbalist & Naturopath enables me to follow my passion for healing through natural medicine. I have successfully treated and helped hundreds of clients.

Todays environment calls for a sustainable approach to life in general. Natural Medicine has historically proven to be a sustainable source of health and commonly takes a holistic approach to wellness and over coming Illness. 

Please feel comfortable to make an appointment to explore my professional advice.

Practitioner Only

As Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths we are qualified to produce customer specific tinctures and remedies. We select the highest quality herb extracts to produce a blend to target individual requirements or ailments.


Either Leanne or Hebe are available during shop hours, 6 days a week, for repeat orders and professional advise.

Herbal Dispensary

Our Herbal Dispensary is open during shop hours, 6 days a week with a practitioner on duty during these these times for repeat remedies, specialty hand made herbal tea's, creams, tinctures, tonics, balms & more.

Practitioner Only Range

Practitioner only products can only be supplied and dispensed by a qualified Medical Herbalist or Naturopath. This product range is commonly more potent than "off the shelf" products. You are welcome to drop in or make an appointment to meet with the on-duty practitioner and discuss what is right for you.

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