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Cacao & Maca


Seleno Health Cacao & Maca



Our Ceremonial Cacao paste, is a healing and heart opening elixir, produced and blessed and grown respect and reverence for Pachamama, the Awaj`un tribes, and the indigenous owners of our Cacao in Peru.

This high-vibrational Cacao is rescuing the sacred traditions of Cacao in Peru, which date back over 5000 years. This rescues farmers from the illegal drug trade, by providing a living wage alternative, and rescues the Amazon from deforestation.

Made with absolute reverence to the ancient people, who have cultivated it for thousands of years, our Cacao is ethically sourced, sustainably produced and analysed to prove it to be a most medicinal and healing plant medicine. Indigenous plant wisdom, direct from indigenous people!

Packed full of nourishing bio-actives, antioxidants and minerals. Learn about Cacao’s medicinal properties and try our decadent Cacao elixir, topped with our crunchy organic maca nibs.


Seleno Health Cacao & Maca



The most sacred plant of Junin, Peru, with over 2000 years of traditional use as a plant medicine. Maca represents strength, resilience, balance and promotes self-healing. Maca is a cruciferous root vegetable. She is known as the “Food of the Brain” and has been a staple source of nutrition for the Incan people for centuries.

Maca is an adaptogen, meaning that it supports harmonious balance during times of stress, providing energy and vitality and healthy endocrine (hormonal) balance.

This high vibrational Maca is farmed with love, following the ancient traditions. Our Maca is heat activated to protect your gut and to maximise the therapeutic benefits of the plant. Each batch is scientifically evaluated to ensure standardisation and potency.

Packed with therapeutic levels of macamides, our Maca will support hormone balance, libido and energy levels.

Learn about Maca’s medicinal properties and sample our creamy Maca Latte Elixir, topped with crunchy organic maca nibs.


Seleno Health Cacao & Maca



Seleno Health offers natural medicines for stress, inflammation and fatigue. All of our products are backed by thorough scientific research and evaluation and are supported by thousands of years of indigenous Peruvian wisdom.

Medicinal Maca – Ceremonial Cacao – Immunity Support

We believe in ethical and sustainable sourcing of our products. We work directly with the indigenous communities in Peru. All of our products are scientifically tested and supported, certified organic, and farmed using natural farming techniques and processing.

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