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Seleno Health Seminar

Seleno Health Seminar

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Thursday April 11th 6.00pm - 8.00pm

The Eastern Hub - Event Room, 9 Rawhiti Avenue, New Brighton, Christchurch

Nootropics, cacao, maca, endocannabinoids, neuroplasticity and ancient plants to help modern health

Looking for natural ways to transform your mental and physical health and wellbeing?

Join us for an evening of discussion about ancient plant medicines and rituals from Peru that have been used as nootropics to enhance cognitive function and bring about transformative neuroplastic brain change. Learn about the receptors in the brain responsible for emotions and how plants can interact with each to create conscious altering sensory experiences. Understand the ritual aspect of mental health and how you can create intention with plants and project your intentions into the universe to manifest into positive change. Hear stories of how plant medicine like maca, cacao, san pedro, coca, ayahuasca are traditionally prepared and used and how modern neuroscience is being used to explain these ancient traditions and transformation.

Topics covered:

-What are nootropics
-An introduction to Andean cosmovision and plant medicines
-The Endocannabinoid system and cannabis explained
-Medicinal maca and its applications
-Activating the endocannabinoid system using maca
-Choosing the right maca for you
-The anthropology, tribes, temples, use and ancient traditions of cacao
-What is ceremonial cacao
-How to use cacao and create your own rituals with it
-Choosing the right cacao for the right application
-Psychedelics and what they do in the brain
-How to enhance neuroplasticity and rapid brain change to create life enhancing states of consciousness

Includes a sample of our ceremonial cacao, maca elixir


-Dr Corin Storkey (PhD – Med Chem) has over 15 years of academic and research experience, specialising in medicinal antioxidant chemistry, oxidative diseases, cellular protection and health. He has previously struggled with and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome and promotes an integrative and holistic approach to managing chronic health conditions.

He currently leads the New Zealand based Maca and cacao research program that studies Andean and Amazonian plant medicines and their bioactives

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